Volunteer call for Ellensburg Earthship Build

Hello Earthship enthusiasts, our friends in Ellensburg informed us of a volunteer opportunity. Feel like getting your hands dirty and seeing what it takes to build an Earthship? This is that opportunity, please read on…

“Starting in August 2017 we are building a single-U simple survival model Earthship in Ellensburg, WA and need your help. An Earthship is a passive solar building made from recycled materials.

No experience necessary…we will teach you everything you need to know! Whether you can come out for a day or multiple days to help every volunteer is greatly appreciated! We have work for everybody, no matter your physical strength! There are lots of jobs to do… labor jobs range from pounding tires, making glass bottle bricks, mixing and laying cement, carpentry, etc. Light labor jobs available, such as stacking an aluminum can wall…anyone can do it! There is plenty to do in non-labor jobs as well: donating materials or funds, collecting materials, providing meals, etc. Camping space available on-site. No children, please. 

Register to volunteer via email at HutNuts@hotmail.com.

– Doug & Stacey”

Robert B

Webmaster / online presence / back-end office tech at Earthship Seattle
I'm here to make sure the website is maintained and updated, the back-end office is running smoothly, and everyone has the right tools to get the job done. When I'm not doing any of the above I jump in and help out where there's a need.

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