Visiting Earthship Biotecture Headquarters

Hello Earthship enthusiasts!  I went to Earthship Biotecture Headquarters in April.  It was an amazing trip, that made me fall in love with Earthships all over again.  I got to tour 10 Earthships and saw a lot of different designs.

I met “Famous Phil” and learned about all the wonderful projects he is doing with their non-profit group Biotecture Planet Earth.  Here is their link so you can see what they are up to, and get involved.

I had a great meeting with Michael Reynolds and his assistant Andressa Malaga.  He told me about an upcoming build in the PNW.  As soon as I know more about that I’m sure there will be some volunteer opportunity.  I will keep you posted. We also talked extensively about the Earthship Seattle Visitor Center.  Tossed around a bunch of fun ideas.  Like building on top of a parking garage, on top of the contaminated soil, and on a college campus.  All fun possibilities.  The most important thing I got while I was there is the absolute support of the Biotecture Team.

Once I returned from NM I got to work.  Josh Dolan the Earthship Seattle Educator and I went to two of the Seattle College Campus to teach the staff and students about Earthships.  We were so successful that we have been invited back to discuss the possibility of building one for the school.  Fingers crossed!

Ellensburg build

We do have a couple of projects here locally that you can get involved in.  In Ellensburg, Doug and Stacy are building an Earthship Hut.  There are weekend work parties going on every weekend between now and mid-June.  While you’re there you can tour their completed Earthship Dome, and Eco-property.  Also, in Spokane there is a build going on you can learn more about this by visiting their facebook page at

This is Doug And Stacy’s Dome Hut in Ellensburg


Volunteers needed

We at Earthship Seattle are growing quickly and could use some more help.  We are looking for volunteers to start new meetup groups around the city.  If you’re interested in joining the education team please reach out to me (Jamie).

Bottle bricks

Also we would like to get some small projects going on that use Eco-bricks. If you are interested in building a cob bench to go around your backyard fire pit, or a retaining wall in your garden, or a playhouse for your children.  Let’s chat about it.  There are endless possibilities for what we can do together.


Outreach and education / event planning / ESVC project lead at Earthship Seattle
My focus is on planning and organizing events focused on public outreach and education. This includes reaching out and inviting special guests to discuss related topics to Earthships. Also, I network with others and find opportunities for Earthship Seattle to partner up with. Lastly, I am the lead for the Visitor Center (ESVC) project

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  1. Audra on May 23, 2018 at 5:22 am

    Wow I love all that you are doing Jamie to promote natural building. Preserving the planet and enrolling others in your project. Way to go!

  2. Amanda on November 10, 2018 at 7:49 pm

    I’m so excited about this form of building, and I’m so inspired by how much it helps rebuild communities that survive massive natural disasters.

    Having discovered the lessons and hands on experience is the majority of how one can become a part of any of it, Im seeking ways to get myself over there.

    Jamie, I think what you are a part of is absolutely amazing. Thank you for doing so much to network projects that can pave a way for so many to survive. God bless you!

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