Visitor Center

Our current focus is on establishing an Earthship visitor center for people to experience them in person.  The visitor center will be one of a few built in a major U.S. city.


Roxanne's Trash Studio

We came across an opportunity to help Roxanne build a hybrid Earthship structure in Seattle.  Roxanne's vision for the Trash Studio was to build a small (under 200 sq. ft.) studio for hosting various events and renting out for activities.  Her intention was to build this studio with trash and other discarded materials and to have the studio build through volunteered labor.  In other words, the studio was built with minimal cost or new raw materials.  The project is still in development, so keep your eye out for volunteer hands-on opportunities to help finish the build.


Earthship founder presents in Seattle

One of our first endeavors was to get Mike Reynolds (founder of Earthship Biotecture) to fly into Seattle and give a talk.  From booking a large enough venue and raising funds to make this special event happen we worked hard and presented Seattle with a special event.