Team Leaders (volunteers)

These volunteers are long-term and donate a significant amount of time and resources to keep this organization growing and moving forward.  We are always seeking others to join as a team leader.  If you're interested simply apply using our volunteer page.

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General organizer
"I'm in service of people in Washington who want to learn about Earthships, raise awareness about Earthships, and get Earthships permitted and built locally."


Outreach and education / event planning / ESVC project lead
"My focus is on planning and organizing events focused on public outreach and education. This includes reaching out and inviting special guests to discuss related topics to Earthships. Also, I network with others and find opportunities for Earthship Seattle to partner up with. Lastly, I am the lead for the Visitor Center (ESVC) project."


Webmaster and online presence / back-end office tech
"I'm here to make sure the website is maintained and updated, the back-end office is running smoothly, and everyone has the right tools to get the job done. When I'm not doing any of the above I jump in and help out where there's a need."

What guides us

We are an active group of volunteers whose mission is to promote and develop Earth-friendly and people-friendly community living concepts in Seattle and in the Northwest. We see Earthships as one of the best solutions for a sustainable future.

To raise awareness about Earthships.
To gather information about how to adapt the Earthship concept to Washington, how to go through the permitting process, and where to find skilled Earthship builders.

AWARENESS - Raise awareness about Earthships.
KNOWLEDGE - Be a resource to people in Washington wanting to build one.
DEMONSTRATION - Build a demonstration Earthship in Seattle that the public can see and experience.
COMMUNITY - Facilitate the creation of an off-grid, free, happy, and healthy eco-village in Washington.

To bring Earthships to the greater Seattle area.

Volunteer recognition

To all the other volunteers who have come and gone, every little bit helps and we want to recognize you for your great work.  If you would like to be listed please contact us to opt-in and we will add you to the list.

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