Earthship Build in Puerto Rico

Our friends Biotecture Planet Earth are organizing phase 2 of their build in Puerto Rico. They are looking for 15 more volunteers to join them. They are about 40% of the way there with the fundraising that they need to do the project. This event is to help get the word out in the PNW about this great project. Please share it, and invite your people. I have a feeling those 15 spots wont be open for long.

In early February 2018, Biotecture Planet Earth and Earthship Biotecture were able to go to Puerto Rico and start construction of a school/community center with the help of 50 local volunteers and 20 donors and participants from all over the world.

While some construction continues based on the knowledge transfer of Phase 1, we are now planning a second phase to be able to continue construction and teaching as well as integrate sustainable systems into the buildings to make them fully self-sustainable.

In order to do so, we need to raise at least USD $70,000. Please support us by donating, sharing or referring this project to people that can help. THANK YOU!

Earthships create self-reliance and independence by integrating six basic principles and the aim is to train locals in Puerto Rico to be able to build these houses themselves and in a cost-effective way. Earthships have been built on an international basis for over 45 years by Earthship Biotecture, making the organization a pioneer in the world of self-sustainable home construction.

Fallow this link to donate! Thank you ♥

Robert B

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  1. Lauralina melendez on May 13, 2018 at 12:07 am

    Hola!!! I am the leader of the local team working on the PR earthship 🌿 Thank you for sharing this!! We love you!!! This project and the people and the heart behind it are so inspiring. We are blessed to have people like YOU that support and share our vision of a sustainable rising after so much devastation in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria forever changed our lives. Earthships are the future!! This land is magic. Thank you!! -Colectivo Verdolaga

  2. Josh on March 13, 2019 at 3:29 pm

    This is a wonderful find. As a Native Washingtonian I’ve always had a vision of building my own home immersed in the old growth forests and riverbanks. I sought out permaculture and learned of the Earthship Academy. So I went! Then I worked on the first build in Indonesia.
    I was aware of the build and tried to attend in January, though just couldn’t swing it.
    Now, double whammy I find info for both Seattle and Puerto Rico.
    I’m heading to Puerto Rico next week and if any help is needed in follow up projects I could do some work for a couple days. I’m very curious of the build as I’m embarking on a build myself (near Seattle)
    Well, if this comment is seen and it’s possible to visit the build in PR, that’d be great!

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