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How many Earthships are in Washington state?  


Rainy Joe
Active Member
Joined:1 year  ago
Posts: 5
17/10/2017 8:24 pm  

Just curious how many have been build in this state, any idea?

Robert B
Member Moderator
Joined:2020 years  ago
Posts: 2
18/11/2017 11:13 pm  

We're not sure of the exact number but probably 5-10 for sure and then there are structures that incorporate and borrow Earthship design but aren't truly an Earthship by definition.

Member Moderator
Joined:2020 years  ago
Posts: 4
08/02/2018 5:40 pm  

Good Question!  To the best of my knowledge.  The only one the will be permitted is the one we are building.  I have heard rumors of a couple of them in Eastern Wa.  But they are under the radar.  Please help us to gather funds for our building plans.  Informative video on this fundly page.   https://fundly.com/earthship-seattle-visitors-center




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