Events (Outreach & Education)

We organize events geared towards outreach and education to help people understand what Earthships are and how they are beneficial towards a path to sustainable home building. 


Organizing events take time and resources and we are actively seeking volunteers to help us organize events, as well as hosts for our small gatherings.  If you're interested in volunteering or hosting please view our volunteer page.


Upcoming events

Types of events

  • Local meetup

    Local Meetups

    These are informal meetups around Seattle and surrounding areas. A great event for anyone that is new to Earthships or would like to stay connected and learn about project updates or volunteer opportunities.  There will also be time for questions and answers.

    The Meetup sometimes includes a focus on a hands-on activity.  For example filing in and pounding a tire "brick", making a plastic bottle "bricks", and other related activities.

  • movie-screening

    Movie Screenings

    Come join us for movie screenings with one of several documentaries on Earthships and every once in a while we showcase a movie not directly about Earthships but related to the topic.

  • working

    Hands-On Building

    User Builds - Every once in a while we have opportunities to connect those that are interested in gaining hand-on experience with builders that are constructing their own Earthship.  If you are a builder and would like us to announce your building project so others can help out please contact us.

    Trash Studio - The Trash Studio build project is still going.  Most of the structure is complete but we still need more help finishing the project. 

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