General update

The Lorax Family’s thoughts from the Earthship Seattle Road Trip

Earthships are the convergence of smart resource use (building with trash!)  and dozens of climate-appropriate strategies. As designers, practitioners and teachers of Permacutlure, we were interested in checking out the earthships to understand how they can best be utilized in creating sustainable human habitat. During our visit we enjoyed seeing and living within the wide…

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Bellingham Or Bust!

On Friday, Feb 13th, Earthship Seattle headed up to Bellingham to help out our friend, Giselle, start an Earthship Bellingham group. She wanted to host a screening of the documentary, Garbage Warrior, to introduce people to the concept of Earthships and to sign up to get involved. Giselle has traveled to Seattle a few times…

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There’s a lot going on!

Our team has expanded, which is increasing our outreach capabilities. We have a lot of events coming up that will help raise awareness about Earthships. Our current project, the Trash Studio, deserves an update of its own. Coming soon! But just so you know, we need dirt! So if you know someone who can volunteer…

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