Bellingham Or Bust!

On Friday, Feb 13th, Earthship Seattle headed up to Bellingham to help out our friend, Giselle, start an Earthship Bellingham group. She wanted to host a screening of the documentary, Garbage Warrior, to introduce people to the concept of Earthships and to sign up to get involved. Giselle has traveled to Seattle a few times to help with our Trash Studio build, and showed so much enthusiasm that we fell in love with her!

Before the screening, earlier in the day, we all headed to the Bellingham city planning office to ask about permitting, etc. We spoke to one man who ended up telling us about an architect who had built Bellingham’s first off-grid home. In great excitement to learn about this we found the address and info on the web, and headed over to the home to see if we could speak to the builder/owner. He wasn’t home, but his nanny was there and allowed us in to have a look. Later that evening the architect/owner came to our movie screening panel discussion so we got to meet him and we are grateful to have made the connection! His name is Dan, and we are hoping he’ll write a short blog entry for us to post here one day soon about his design and plans to start a green design firm. We need MORE people like him on our side!

In the evening, the screening was a GREAT success, with an estimated 75 people or so attending. A lively panel discussion happened afterwards, and then a large group of folks headed over to Giselle’s house for a party to celebrate. the new connections and a bright new future for Earthship Bellingham! Congrats to you, Bellingham!!

See the video of Giselle’s introduction on YouTube

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